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Build an App Using HarperDB's New Custom Functions πŸš€

Don't miss this opportunity to see HarperDB 3.1 in action!

Code along with HarperDB's VP of Product, Jaxon Repp, in this livestream to code along and build your own app, while utilizing new (and super exciting) functionality with the HarperDB 3.1 release! Jaxon will build out an API and UI that utilizes HarperDB and our new Custom Functions, which enable developers to code their own custom functions, utilizing core HarperDB methods to define a custom API endpoint, resulting in a simplified tech stack and improved performance. Custom Functions are written in Node.js and the UI will be in React.

Watch livestream here

To Code Along You Will Need:

This event is for developers and tech leaders of any skill level, and will help you strengthen your app development skills, as well as general database / data management knowledge.

Let's do this meme

More on HarperDB Custom Functions:

  • Add your own API endpoints to a standalone API server inside HarperDB
  • Use HarperDB Core methods to interact with your data at lightning speed
  • Custom Functions are powered by Fastify, so they’re extremely flexible
  • Manage in HarperDB Studio, or use your own IDE and Version Management System
  • Distribute your Custom Functions to all your HarperDB instances with a single click

You can learn more about Custom Functions including potential use cases in Jake's blog here.

Meet Jaxon Repp, VP of Product at HarperDB

Jaxon has 25 years of experience architecting, designing, and developing enterprise software. He has served as founder of three technology startups, run Technology, Product, and Solution Architecture at several others, and consulted with multiple Fortune 500 companies on IoT and Digital Transformation initiatives. A partially-reformed developer, he understands what it’s like to wrestle with technology instead of benefiting from it, and believes passionately that if the Jetsons never had an episode where a config file error brought down the food-o-matic, it surely should not be a problem now.

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