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Meteor Roadmap Announcement

Harry Adel
Your friendly neighborhood Meteor Developer
・1 min read

A new roadmap has been released detailing the next steps for Meteor, catering to many of the community requests and most importantly encouraging everyone to participate.

The most notable features of this roadmap are:

  • Update to Node.js 12

  • Ultra-thin Meteor (Mongo-less Meteor)

  • Hot Module Replacement

  • Update Cordova to 9

  • Documentation updates

This announcement sets out a clear example on how the new Meteor management intends to correct past mistakes, mainly, the lack of communication.

Again, if you've a couple of minutes to spare, please take a look at the new roadmap.

Discussion (2)

jankapunkt profile image
Jan Küster

Also they try to draw in way more community commits in this roadmap.

harryadel profile image
Harry Adel Author

With the departure of Ben, we need all the helping hands :D