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A Funny Story Between Mr. V Junior and Mr. K Senior

Yesterday, I went to drink, hear a funny story from my Senior Developer friend. So, I added some imagination and tell it to you guys.

Part 1 - The Interview

The story goes like this: there is a Junior named V (V Junior) who has just entered the mid-level, and was given an interview with Mr.K Senior for a new candidate.
In the interview, V Junior constantly asked the candidate questions such as: What’s the language's strong/weak point, how to code multi-thread, how to use functions A, B, C to do implement.
Mr. K Senior is a bit more humble, asking softly: When the system malfunctions, how do you investigate and handle it. How to make sure your code is easy to maintain. Have you ever written documentation?
After the interview, Mr. Junior continuously being angry with Mr. K because "Why did you ask so few technical questions, how can we assess the ability of technical candidates?". Then "What makes a Senior different from a Junior then?". Mr. K just smiled and said nothing.

Part 2 - The Bug

Then, the following week, the company email system had problems. Mails aren’t sent to the user at all or sent the wrong time.
Mr. V Junior tried to find the error, and he was unable to find it in the code, for nearly a day.
In the afternoon, Mr. K Senior passed by and asked lightly: How about we try checking the log in the production server? Oh, seems like the time set on the server is wrong, the config is also wrong. Mr. K gently corrected the 2 lines, the auto-email system ran smoothly again.

Mr. K patted his stomach, laughing “You see, that’s what the Senior brings to the table". Then he turned around took his bag home with his wife and children.

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Harry Pham

So "What makes a Senior different from a Junior then?"

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Rahul Chavda

i think its experience!