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Earn While You Learn - Opportunities at Topcoder

Hey Learners, 

Now that you have landed here to learn. I am sure you understand that the tech landscape is changing more rapidly than ever. The need for upskilling and reskilling is becoming all the more important. With the growing digital economy, there is a tremendous opportunity for growth. But, let’s not forget that growth opportunities come with a need for upskilling the existing and potential workforce.

Once you have realized the importance of and need for upskilling, you’ll quickly learn that you need to practice those skills. The most beneficial form of practice comes from solving real-world problems.

Topcoder gives you just the right opportunity to do that. Not only can you practice skills, you can also earn money while you apply what you have learned in competitions. While you compete your Topcoder profile keeps improving, with verified skill badge additions and an increasing Topcoder rating.

I am sure your next question will be:

What is Topcoder? 

And how do I get to do work on real-world projects? How can I earn while I learn?

Topcoder is a marketplace where we connect talent (like you) with companies that are seeking innovation from our community. We have several Fortune 500 clients like NASA, IBM, T-mobile, Adobe, etc., that give us interesting problems to solve. We then turn those problems over to the Topcoder community members in the form of challenges and gig work opportunities.

While it may be easy to think that large organizations like T-Mobile, Microsoft, and Macy’s have the inner depth and scale to tackle projects solo, we find innovative Fortune 500 companies are always looking for ways to launch faster and maximize their development outputs. For example, for T-Mobile, Topcoder delivers the scale they need to increase their in-house teams’ productivity and throughput.

Other than competing, there’s actually a lot you can do at Topcoder. Read more below in the last section.

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How to get started: Still a beginner? Don’t Worry!

There are two ways to jump right into the mix of things at Topcoder. 

Topcoder consists of the best developers, designers, and data scientists from all over the world; but that is not a reason to feel nervous or not good enough. Consider the Topcoder platform as an opportunity to learn and grow with the best. The community is always welcoming and helps newbies get up to speed, learn and start winning. They love tough competition and are constantly helping each other to grow that competition.

Topcoder offers you things no other company can offer:

  • No background, experience check or CV to start competing and learning. Some traditional companies will reject your CV just because they believe you are not experienced enough or offer you a small fixed pay for the next year until you gain the necessary experience. Topcoder encourages you to join and try your skills on real problems right away, and to win money consistent with your skills.

  • No discrimination. Ever. Your location, sex, or anything else makes no difference! From day one you are judged only by the quality of the output you deliver. That’s how the community gets to know you and is the only thing that matters for your success at Topcoder.

  • Incredibly rapid learning curve. The power of community: even when you lose a challenge, you gain priceless experience. You can ask the copilot (the technical coordinator of the challenge), other competitors and community members if you are stuck with something and you can see the winning submission after the challenge. If you take it seriously, after each challenge, you will presumably learn enough to perform well in the next challenge of the same kind. Also, the diversity of technologies and problems offered by Topcoder clients helps you gain wide experience, unlike most of the job roles at conventional companies.

  • A power-packed tournament and a fully paid-trip. Topcoder Open that will allow you to prove yourself as the best of the best. Regular Competing helps you earn points and win a fully-paid trip to the United States, where you compete with the best of the best

In short, at Topcoder you can easily solve the right problems and find the right guidance. But, Topcoder is not only about competing. Imagine a readily available community for you to be a part of, discussing the challenges with the best and at the end of the competition getting access to the winning submission.

Here’s a link to our practice challenges and Skill Builder Challenges designed specifically to practice/test the skills you are learning which will help you get started on Topcoder Challenges.

Also, when you have some time, check out this article about a member’s first year at Topcoder.

Will my Topcoder experience help me get jobs outside of Topcoder? 

Yes, your Topcoder profile will help you!

Topcoder profiles and ratings have been used by many customers and clients at Topcoder. Companies like Google, Yahoo, Nvidia, Brooks Automation, Microsoft, Paypal, Verizon, Citigroup, J.P. Morgan, Cryptic Studios, Facebook, etc. have hired Topcoder talent in the past.

While your Topcoder background helps you get these opportunities, adding your Topcoder rating and skills to your CV gives it that all-important edge to stand out from the pack. Imagine a CV which showcases experience of working for clients like NASA, IBM, T-Mobile and many more. Who would not pick that CV up?

Alt Text

Alt Text

Alt Text

Why even search for a job? You can also compete and perform other roles at Topcoder for a living. Many of our members do just that. 

Does Topcoder sound interesting? Gig Work and Challenges are not the only things you can do at Topcoder. 

So, what else can you do at Topcoder?

There are a number of different avenues you can take as a Topcoder community member. You can start out by taking on some gig work or trying out some challenges to get accustomed to our platform. Just remember that is not all you can do. This article is a great way to learn all about the different roles you can take on at Topcoder to grow your career or earn extra money. Take a look at The Many Roles You Can Take At Topcoder.

You should definitely check out how Topcoder members around the world become friends and travel together. Join our Topcoder Nation Facebook group to be even closer to the community, establish new friendships, learn, travel and grow together.

Also, now that 2021 is here with opportunities missed out in 2020, check out some of the things we have planned for the community this year and pick the ones you can benefit from.

  • Weekly chats with the community team every Monday at 10:00 UTC -5. Kick-off each week with the latest at Topcoder and talk to us face to face for help, networking, or to just say "Hello".

  • Beta Testers group - access to the latest features of the Topcoder platform and help us with new testing experiences.

  • Our Crowd for Good initiative for the Yellowstone Economic Research Center (YERC).

  • Interesting timed SRM-like contests for Software Developers - Rapid Development Matches (RDMs) focus on making you practice and get better at web/mobile development languages, technologies, libraries and frameworks.

  • New Topcoder Skill Builder challenges where you can ramp up on new technologies, get the verified skill added to your profile, practice for RDMs and help you get a gig.

  • More Rookie SRMs for newbies to get motivated for competitive programming.

  • More THRIVE articles for you to digest with plans to top the over 1,000 we added in 2020.

  • New webinars with field experts and professional speakers looking to help you advance your career, your skills, and your personal brand.

At Topcoder, we are not just some website you can earn money from or learn on, we truly are a community of like-minded folks cheering each other on for success. We will welcome you and help you grow into what you want to be.

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