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TwilioHackathon - Rehabit App


What we built

Rehabit Application helps users to track daily bad habits/ mistakes, share one’s bad habits with other users and take/give suggestions from others.

Link to code

Git Repository

Category Submission: Exciting X-Factors.

How it works

  • Provision to post the bad habits that someone is willing to change.
  • Posts can be done under categories.
  • Simple UI to show the posts and add comments to other posts and notify to the user.
  • Provision of tracking mistakes.
  • Provision to enquire users progress and notify quotes based on that.
  • Community platform to connect to other users.


  • Bad habit counter and tracker
  • Posts and replies
  • Motivational Messages
  • Active community participation
  • Tracking of bad habits

Tech stack

  • Frontend: Html , CSS , JavaScript , Thymeleaf
  • Backend: Spring Boot , MySQL
  • Authentication API: Twilio Verify API





Add habit page

Add habit Page

Future Enhancements

This hackathon has came its end does not mean we are done .

Feature will be added :

  • Anonymous feature while posting and replying to a post.
  • Notification Service

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