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Hacktoberfest V2.0.2.Hassan

Thanks to God, I completed my participation in #hacktoberfest2020 by DigitalOcean, where I successfully contributed in 4 open source projects! on different scales. (I have 3 more contributions in review process as well).

In FasterXML, LLC, (Jackson-databind).
My contribution was to Adding docs on using Builder pattern (

In yWorks (yGuard)
My contribution was to fix +200 Warnings and Java-doc Errors, I solved the problem using power of regex. (

With @misterveiga (cds Discord Bot) Enhancing API Messages using Environment Variables and generic roles.

With 🇧🇬 Preslav Mihaylov (Clean Architecture notes)

Also You can find my all contributions on my humble github account:

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