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Hasura Community Against Covid-19

How we respond to challenging times is what makes us the most human. Several of us are taking this time to give back to the community by putting in efforts to build solutions to help each other. In the past few months, the Hasura community has contributed to myriads of initiatives related to COVID-19.

We want to show our love by amplifying the work of some of the creators who are contributing to this collective effort. In this post we're celebrating a few of many such projects built using Hasura that exemplify how the community is responding to COVID-19 by building web & software solutions.

Table Of Contents

1. Urgent Hub
2. Fieldfusion Coronavirus Severity Tracker
3. Survive Together
4. Helpmate

1. Urgent Hub πŸ”—

Urgent Hub is a web app built to aid safe screenings for dental & eye care by connecting patients and medical care providers.

Screenshot of Urgent Hub Web App

Note: Urgent Hub is only available in the states of Arkansas & Colorado (USA). Currently, Urgent Hub supports 2.5 million people between dental and eye care in states of Arkansas and Colorado.

Tech Stack πŸ₯ž

πŸ— Built using Views, React, Circle CI, Hasura, Postgres, Node, Lambdas, AWS Fargate, Docker, Amplitude.

Going live with Hasura πŸš€

Urgent Hub was brought to life with the help of Hasura in less than a week.

"We depend heavily on Hasura. CRUD automation GraphQL gets us up and running really fast. Events and actions helped us model all of our backend logic in a clear and declarative way. The permissions model helped us restrict access to the different parts of the system in a simple way too."

Team Urgent Hub πŸ’ͺ

  • Dario Cravero (@dariocravero ) - Product Engineer
  • Tom Parandyk (@tombreakshit) - Product Designer
  • Rob Callaham - Product Owner
  • Josh Matthews - Product Owner
  • Jake Gulick - Product Owner

2. Fieldfusion Coronavirus Severity Tracker πŸ”—

Fieldfusion has built a Coronavirus Severity Tracker for companies providing fieldwork during lockdowns. The tracker shows live data which is pivotal to ensure public health and safety by visualising the severity of the virus in a particular region. Although Fieldfusion's primary aim with this tool is to help Field Service professionals, it is also freely available for public usage.

Screenshot of Fieldfusion Web App

The tracker enables users to upload/enter and search for a specific postal code to help visualise the number of active COVID-19 cases in the region and analyse how severely coronavirus is affecting various geographic regions in the UK. The tool utilises publicly available data from Public Health England (PHE), the Office for National Statistics (ONS), and Ordnance Survey (OS). Fieldfusion lists the most severely affected regions by comparing the number of confirmed cases to the total population in specific areas.

The main Fieldfusion app is a cloud-based Field Service Management Software, also built with Hasura, helping Field Service professionals make faster, data-driven decisions by connecting the office staff, field teams, & customers in real-time. It is currently free for 3-months during the coronavirus pandemic.

Note: The Coronavirus Severity Tracker is currently only for use in UK and the accuracy of the data is limited to England. Since going live on 20th March, the web app has gotten ~4,000 visitors and seen good organic and sponsored traction on social media including views from employees at Softcat PLC β€” one of the UK's largest software infrastructure providers, British Gas, Oracle, PwC and McLaren Group.

Tech Stack πŸ₯ž

πŸ— Built using Hasura, Vue.js, Websockets, & Netlify.

Going live with Hasura πŸš€

Fieldfusion founder Graham Sawell took the project from conception to live in <24 hours. Further development work from the rest of the Fieldfusion team took the current build time to ~3 days.

"One of the great features of Hasura is the attention and thought that has gone into permission and role structures. Making use of the public role that hasura exposes, we were able to rapidly create extra tables to support the data, create the gql queries and simply make the data available to the front-end through websockets without concern.

It's often hard as a developer to identify when you are truly separating concerns or dividing them. Hasura is the toolkit that we as developers need to allow us to focus what we do best, without worrying about technicalities being obfuscated."

Team Fieldfusion πŸ’ͺ

3. Survive Together πŸ”—

As a result of the lockdowns in certain countries, the citizens heavily rely on home deliveries of essential items. The Survive Together website helps you discover open stores, services, & areas in which these services are available. You can add your requirements under a particular store listed by a vendor & the service will appropriately be provided to you.

Screenshot of website

Note: is currently only for use in Sri Lanka. They have gotten requests from over 800 people through ~40 contact persons across Sri Lanka.

Tech Stack πŸ₯ž

πŸ— Built using React, Hasura, & TypeScript.

Going live with Hasura πŸš€

Using Hasura, the developers at Leafycode were able to build & deploy the website in the short span of a week.

"We are using Hasura as the API for our system. Due to the time restrictions, we did not build any admin panel. Actually, we don't have to since the Hasura console provided everything we need to handle to project for the time being."

Team Survive Together πŸ’ͺ is brought to us by a 4 member team working at LeafyCode, a startup based in Sri Lanka.

Open Source πŸ—ƒ

The code has been made open-source by the team for developers to use and draw inspiration from. If you are looking to build something similar to help people in this global pandemic, check out their GitHub repository.

4. Helpmate πŸ”—

Helpmate is a crowdsourced app that helps you list local stores that sell essentials as open including hawkers & small shops. The next time you go out shopping, help people find the store you shopped from by adding it on Helpmate. With Helpmate you can also become a volunteer to help your neighbourhood.

Folks, especially senior citizens, who can’t leave their homes can seek support from the volunteers. Helpmate is doing its bit. Let's do ours with Helpmate. πŸ’œ

Screenshot of Helpmate app

Note: Helpmate is a hyper-local app for use in India. It received around 200 users on the launch date (April 25) and has been onboarding 100 people everyday since.

Tech Stack πŸ₯ž

πŸ— Built using Hasura, Firebase, Kotlin (Android app)

Going live with Hasura πŸš€

"The out of the box support for geography type solved most of the problems as it is a location aware app. I've said this multiple times: you folks are awesome!".

Helpmate was built in 12 days and one of he backend developers had a very interesting bit to share about how he built the entire backend in no time.

"One of my friends approached me with this idea, couple of weeks ago. He's a designer and doesn't have much understanding of backend architechtures, so he asked me to build it. The amazing thing here is, I was able to build the whole backend before he could finish the wireframes. All thanks to you folks!"

Team Helpmate πŸ’ͺ

Helpmate is built by a small team of developer buddies who share the same empathy & zeal to bring us solutions through code in times of distress.


Let's celebrate the works of these creators and spread the word so that these solutions reach the people who need them and can inspire more creators around the globle!

The above projects have served as useful case studies to learn how Hasura & its features help developers bring their ideas to life and build them faster. If you are building projects with Hasura to extend help to the community, please let us know by tweeting to us at @HasuraHQ or reaching us at

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