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Announcing the Hazelcast Heroes Program

Hazelcast is built on open source foundations. It’s part of our DNA, and we strive to uphold open source values in our day-to-day work. This commitment allows external contributors to make Hazelcast better so that the whole community can benefit from a collective effort.

No contribution is too small, but, indeed, some of our community members constantly go “above and beyond” to help us improve our software. For a long time, we wanted to find a way to show them how much we value their time and effort. Today, I’m very happy to make it “official” by announcing the Hazelcast Heroes program.

At the heart of the program is transparency. We offer three contribution levels, and several ways are available to achieve a level. If you meet the requirements, you automatically reap the rewards associated with the level. That’s all! No shadow committee decides on obscure and unrelated criteria those who are deserving (or not).

Without further ado, please check the program and find your place in our Hall of Heroes. We have already added our first contributors, those who trusted us, and our mission early on.

In the following months, we will reach out to people who already have met our criteria and offer them to join the program. If you’ve met the requirements and we didn’t contact you, please join our Slack channel and let us know!

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