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Wow, that's an interesting switch.

  • What (if any) crossover skills have you found between the two professions?
  • What's been the easiest/hardest part of the transition?
  • Have you any interest in exploring IoT/Arduino/Rasperry Pi projects?

I say the last question as someone from a computer science background, I've found getting to explore light electrical engineering concepts very fun and wonder if the reverse is true for you.


Hello. Thanks for asking.
Crossover skills: I got some basic coding notion programming in assembler for microprocessors.
Hard: Initially, I did nota realize how big is the number of Dev tools. Tried to learn too many of them. Now I narrowed out my selected Dev tools list.
IOT: no plans for now.


Any plans on combining web development and electronic engineering together somehow?


Hello. No plans of combining for now. Thanks.


What triggered you to make this switch or what made you very interested in web development that electronic engineering?


Do you ever see yourself turning again to electronic engineering?


I enjoyed my time as an automation engineer but decided to continue on something different, although in case of web development, related. I do not think I will turn back.

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