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COVID Resources for DevTools Startups

Large or small, over the past few months all organizations have been impacted by COVID-19 in one way or another. For startups with limited resources and small teams, adjusting to the downturn has been especially difficult. As we collectively adjust to the new normal, Heavybit has been collaborating with industry experts and experienced leaders to learn what teams can do to weather uncertain times more effectively and develop educational COVID resources for startups.  

Read on to learn more about some of the expert AMAs, working sessions, and guides we've created, and to learn how to stay in the loop as we continue creating new resources moving forward.

Navigating the Shift to Remote Work

As teams go remote, the challenges and benefits of distributed teamwork are more apparent than ever. It's unclear for many organizations when co-located working can resume, so it's important for founders to consider how they can help their teams stay productive in the long term. Darren Murph, Head of Remote for Gitlab, shared his advice on how teams can build processes and cultures that make remote teams more efficient (and happier). 

Adapting Your Sales Strategy to Preserve Pipeline

Sales during a recession is about focusing resources on the deals that will make the biggest impact and strengthening relationships with your existing customers. 

Sales Priorities in a Downturn

Tidelift’s Bridget Gleason and Chris Grams shared how revenue teams can navigate the economic downturn. After their presentation, Bridget and Chris fielded questions from our members on everything from accelerating POCs to understanding when it's time to drop a prospect. Check out the transcript of our Q&A with Bridget Gleason and Chris Grams

Customer Success in a Crisis

With a stronger focus on retaining and upselling existing customers, customer success strategy is paramount during COVID.  Identifying opportunities to educate and empower your users now will pay off in the long run. Dremio VP of Customer Success Ohad Almog discussed how customer success in a crisis can help teams weather uncertain times and foster stronger relationships with their customers. 

Marketing and Brand During a Crisis

It seems like every brand is jumping on the "we're in this together" bandwagon right now. But making a true connection with your customers requires a measured approach. Look for opportunities to engage with your audience in the ways they need it most.

Comms Strategy During COVID

We asked GitLab’s Director of Corporate Comms Natasha Woods to share how teams should think about internal and external communication strategy during challenging times, and why how you communicate is essential to your recovery strategy. 

Pivoting From to Live to Online Community Engagement

While many teams had big plans for event marketing at the beginning of the year, it's now critical to explore digital-first marketing and community engagement opportunities. Readme co-founder Greg Koberger shared how he and his team pivoted an in-person speaker lineup to a WAPI Radio, a digital radio station to combat shelter-in-place anxieties.

We also spoke with Developer Advocate Dawn Parzych about how LaunchDarkly has changed up their community engagement strategy during COVID. They've moved transitioned their live monthly Test in Production meetup to a Twitch-streamed weekly event, and introduced ToggleTalk to keep a pulse on the community via Twitter.

Defending Pipeline and Bottom-Up Adoption

This week we hosted ex-Heroku CEO and Dropbox exec Adam Gross for our Speaker Series on The Defensibility of Developer + Self-Serve Go-to-Market. Adam shared his framework on how developer and enterprise startups can gain early adoption, land, and expand while others are at a standstill. 

Financial COVID Resources for Startups

In an AMA with Heavybit member founders, Burkland Associates’ Stephen Lord shared what startups need to know about the Payroll Protection Program (PPP). For more from the Burkland team, check out their extensive collection of COVID-19 Financial Resources.  

Many members of the Heavybit community have launched their own initiatives to aid in COVID recovery. Learn more about how the Heavybit community is contributing to COVID-19 efforts here.

Learn More about Heavybit's COVID Resources for Startups

We're continuing to develop COVID resources as our community recovers. To stay up to date on the latest articles, interviews, and expert sessions as we release them, subscribe for updates from Heavybit

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