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Weeks 7-10 - The School Of Code Bootcamp

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So quite a lot has changed since my last blog! We've learnt a lot more, experienced our first project week and now we're all doing the bootcamp remotely because of coronavirus.

What we've learnt

  • Proptypes and default props for React
  • More conditional rendering
  • A lot more working with React on mini projects including with express back ends.
  • Animating buttons
  • Lean StartUp Methodology
  • React Router
  • Github milestones, issues and using story points & planning poker
  • More github - branching off
  • REST API's (Talk from Talis)
  • More in-depth look at dev tools in chrome
  • Cookies - adding to get requests
  • Postgres and pgAdmin
  • Environment Variables
  • Setting up logging in and out
  • Using bCrypt for passwords
  • Express session
  • PG Simple
  • Wrappers in React
  • Hosting projects on netlify & heroku
  • Local storage and session storage
  • JWT's (Json Web Tokens)
  • React classes & converting a react hooks app to classes.
  • useEffect, useCallBack, useContext, useRef, useReduce, useLayoutEffect
  • How to sort out git conflicts locally.
  • More react router
  • Composition
  • React Storybook
  • How to write CV's - great talk from Matt Rose

How I feel

Working remotely: We're getting used to doing the bootcamp remotely. I think we'd all prefer to be at SoCHQ. It was lovely to be together, I miss our social lunchtimes and chatting things through in person but we're managing well with zoom and still having our daily stand ups and squats. We've discovered hivemind - where if one of us is struggling with something, we can share our screen and all work together to find the error. We couldn't do this quite so easily in person so this has been a nice surprise. It's great getting to experience working from home and to know that I can actually do it. There is the huge advantage of no commute - loving that!

zoom call photos

We were gutted to find out our trip to the Google offices was cancelled, but they sent goodie bags and we all got more excited than we probably should've stuff, woo!

Bootcampers wearing google sunglasses

Project Week: Project week went well. I didn't expect to learn QUITE so much and mostly it was about team and project work. We definitely over stretched ourselves and we could've used our time more wisely to plan in more detail. I'll definitely be doing a few things differently for our final project.

Where I'm at

The curriculum is definitely still getting harder and harder. I certainly feel that we're being put through our paces. I probably need to relax a bit more, not get frustrated with being so confused about things and trust the google magic.
We worked in small teams to make a game last week. Murray and I made an online version of Ring of Fire so drinking game deprived people can play remotely with friends. We're really happy with the result and it was actually put to the test on a Friday eve zoom social! I've begun to improve it by adding media queries for different screen sizes. We began working with a quiz API last week so Liv and I are working together to make a nice little quiz app - that's going well. I've also designed my portfolio, just got to start making that.

Ring of fire game

Where I want to be

I need to spend more time going over what we learn during the day. I had a bit of a slump as we first went remote (too much screen time in the day) but I'm getting back into the swing of things now. I want to make good progress with our quiz app, make my portfolio and work on understanding the bits and bobs from each day that I don't quite get in the evenings.

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