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Learning Jam: Hands-on with SCSS

Last week, I gave a workshop on SASS at WeWork, Bangalore. This was the learning Jam organized by the Progate in collaboration with JSLovers for beginners in SASS.

This was a hands-on workshop where the focus was on creating real-world examples and mapping them with the SASS features as solutions.

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Apart from the SASS features I also discuss:

  • Best Practises of CSS and SASS
  • ParcelJS
  • CSS and SASS Architecture
  • When not to use SASS
  • BEM

Github link for the slides and code:

I enjoyed doing hands-on code-lab for the focused developers who wanted to know about all the fuss on SASS. I also explained that though CSS3 and new features are here yet there are places where we should go with SASS. SASS eases development efforts, maintenance, and scalability.

Thanks to Yashraj, India community Manager -Progate for organizing the Learning Jam. 110 devs RSVPd on the event page. The process to get the invitation to Learning Jam was to only finish the web fundamentals module. 25 folks finished it and were in the Learning Jam.

As Yashraj summarized precisely - "Learning never stops. What made these 25 devs stand apart from the rest of the devs who RSVPd is they went ahead and finished the web fundamentals module to get the invite and learn more."

Feedbacks <3

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Happy Learning!!

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