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Small Utility for Productivity

When you switch on your system/laptop/PC you need to open certain websites and directories on your system.

I usually open following websites


and my programming directory in my laptop.

I have created a batch file which opens this when I click it. This saves me a bit of my time and gets me ready to be productive in a second.

You can add your path and website for your utility.

Process to create the batch file.

  1. Create a Utility.txt file
  2. Add following text in the file.
explorer.exe C:\Hemant\CodeBase\
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  1. Rename the file to Utility.bat

That's it!!! your own utility bat file is ready.

N.B. : If you need to make any changes in the file right click the file and open it in notepad or any other text editor of your choice.

My website :

Let me know how you use this for your productivity. Keep Liking , keep sharing :-)

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