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Updates from 83rd meeting of TC39

There were several items in the agenda, this post mainly focuses on feature proposals and their progress.

Stage 4:

  • RegExp Match Indices provide additional information about the start and end indices of captured substrings relative to the start of the input string.

  • Top level await enables modules to act as big async functions: With TLA, ECMAScript Modules (ESM) can await resources, causing other modules who import them to wait before they start evaluating their body.

Stage 3:

  • Accessible Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty(): Proposal for an Object.hasOwn() method to make Object.prototype.hasOwnProperty() more accessible.

  • Intl.DisplayNames V2: In Intl.DisplayNames API, we already cover language, region, script, and currency. This proposal enhance the Intl.DisplayNames API and cover more.

  • Extend TimeZoneName Option: Extend the timeZoneName option in Intl.DateTimeFormat object to support more formatted options.

  • Resizable and Growable ArrayBuffers Growing a new buffer right now requires allocating a new buffer and copying. Not only is this inefficient, it needlessly fragments the address space on 32-bit systems, this proposal makes it easier to have a resizable and growable ArrayBuffer.

Stage 2:


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