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This may be corny, but.. Thanks Brad

TIL, Brad Traversy is active and huge thanks!

Crazy! Brad Traversy saw my post and reacted. Legitimately uplifting considering all the no responses that I’ve received in the last however long I’ve been looking for an opportunity for a dev gig!

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The little things count

Little wins are key to success. To keep you riding the gravy train we call life. Make sure you celebrate and cherish every accomplishment.

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It may have only been a year and 4 months since I started learning. However, learning while working full-time as a manager in a non I.T setting which has enough ups and downs, being a full-time dad/husband isn’t easy. But I’m so proud of where I’ve gotten too since I started.

I hope the journey for everyone else out there is going great and stay motivated all!

If you haven’t checked it out, his new Vanilla JavaScript course is out and it’s extremely worth the time.


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Brad Traversy

Thanks Allan, I appreciate it :)

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No thank you good sir! You’ve influenced a wave of devs and I am definitely grateful.

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