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Introduction to tutorial

This tutorial will guide you to create an online shopping website using the popular web scripting language, PHP, and excellent database management system, MySQL. Some existing programming knowledge is expected in a language such as Python, although this tutorial will provide step by step instructions for getting started. Extra challenges with example solutions are also given to boost learning. Having HTML and CSS skills will ensure you make the most of this tutorial. To anyone unfamiliar with web development, I recommend this online tutorial, which covers HTML, CSS, Javascript and general web design tips.

Examples Context

The examples that will be given are based on a Cardiff based cake bakery called Neat Treats. The examples each deliver a lesson going further in Neat Treats' online cake ordering system. I believe this will give the examples more realism and authenticity. However, you are free to substite Neat Treats for a different project name when you follow the examples. The content is designed to apply to online shops in a wide range of industries.

The code used in the examples will be explained in each step. I have also made sample solutions to the extra steps, which you can view at any time on my Github.

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