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A cheatsheet for updating Linux

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Linux needs updates, badly! Here's how to keep your version of Linux updated (not sure which version of Linux you have? Good news I wrote a guide to that)

Update commands

  • On Debian-based distributions, you use apt-get update && apt-get upgrade;
  • On Redhat-based distributions, yum update;
  • On Arch-based distributions, pacman -Syu.
  • Slackware-based distributions vary in their approaches to package management:
    • On SUSE-like distributions, you use zypper up;
    • On Slackware itself, you manage packages manually with the help of the suite of package tools.
  • Gentoo uses a package management system called Portage. You run emerge --sync, do what the prompt says, then run emerge -atv.
  • Other consult your distribution's documentation.

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I have been using apt update/upgrade on Ubuntu. this has a good comparison of apt and apt-get.

Great reference btw.

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Nočnica Mellifera

Great! Do you mind if I add the link to the body of the article?

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Oh yeah sure