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Are you an Ops Eng or SRE? Do you feel excluded by the term 'developers'?

I was talking to a friend recently and I mentioned "I mainly write articles for developers." They mentioned that the other engineering roles in a technical team might feel excluded by the term 'developers.'

I'm curious if you feel that way? I want to use language that includes all the technical roles inside a team so I'd love to hear ideas to replace 'developers' as a general term for 'people who touch computers to make software happen'

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Mahesh K • Edited

If we replace developers term and include devops, hr, document writers in development without they ever coding, then by that line of reasoning, normal people will contact devops folks for coding related question and to get their projects done? I understand trying to normalize everything but some things are too much pushed in the name of inclusion.

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shelby spees (she/her)

I like the term "practitioners" for this!

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Doesn't this suggest the rather condescending idea that ops is a silver medal for would-be developers who didn't make the cut?

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Nočnica Fee

Yeah that’s definitely my concern, implying that people who have forgotten more than I’ll ever know about Linux are somehow second place to people who write code.

It’s patently untrue! I’m curious if an ops person feels like “developers” excludes them.

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