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Committing to Sharing My Learnings

I've recently connected with a mentor who will be my partner in crime as I work towards building my first fully functional web application. I've built a few apps for school (Flatiron School), but with those, my focus was more so hitting project requirements than anything else. With this project build, I'll be working on integration's I've had no previous experience with so as terrifying as it is, it's super exciting! What better way to learn than to do, right?

After our first meeting he broke down a list of everything we will implement, and just from that conversation I already know I'll come out of this a better developer. So with that, I wanted to commit to sharing my learnings on a weekly basis. My goal here is to write a blog post at the end of each week sharing anything from code to concepts, to frustrations, and of course - wins!

The main reasons why I've decided to do this are:

  • accountability
  • teaching what I learn
  • watching my progress

It Will Keep Me Accountable

  • I'll be more aware of the details of what I learn, so I have something (hopefully) interesting to share. Each week I'll be sure to try to learn something new. Which shouldn't be hard, since there's so much to learn!

Reiterating and Teaching

  • One great way to learn is to teach. So if there's a concept I struggle with, I'm hoping that having to write about it would help me better understand it.

Watching My Progress / Remembering Wins

  • Sometimes, as developers we get caught up with the negatives. Not understanding, struggling to learn, not feeling like you're making progress. So having ongoing weekly documentation gives me the opportunity to look back at prior weeks and see how much I've grown.

This weekend marks the end of my first week. But I didn't want to write my first blog about it until sharing the reasoning behind why I'm doing this. I'll publish my week 1 blog post tomorrow, and if you come across it - I hope you learn something new!

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