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Things I found most exciting today for Microsoft Build 2020

I did my best to participate in Microsoft Build today. It was rough trying to work and pay attention. But I picked up on a few really cool things.

  1. Windows Terminal version 1 has been released. With a bunch of improvements.
  2. Windows Terminal Preview release was also announced to go with Microsofts more recent habit of have insider and dev builds.
  3. Windows Terminal Docs Page
  4. Github's paid features are free. We can have unlimited private repos. There are some paid support features still.
  5. Demos of Github Codespace were really impressive. Can't wait to play with this one.
  6. Azure now has Jamstack services. Which come with a free year of service and a $200 Azure credit when you register.
  7. Windows has it's own in-house cli package manager winget.

It really is an exciting bunch of stuff. Oh wait, did I mention.... WSL2 will be able to run GUI Linux apps possibly by the end of the year. They demoed it a little. Very cool.

The most exciting accouncements seemed to come from Scott Hanselman's keynote. As soon as there is a link to it I will add it here. Plenty to look into and a day and a half to go.

As promissed here is the link to Scott's keynote.

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