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Completely Left Linux..for realz

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Just as an update to the Why I'm sort of leaving Linux post this past October.

A lot of people wanted to know if I would stick with Windows or if I would give in and return to Linux. And I still am using Windows. I did play with Linux a little on and off still. In general though I am still on Windows. And i've made the next step.

What is the next step you may ask? Well I went completely in and just purchased a Surface Laptop 3. So there is no going back to Linux on this puppy. Well there is WSL of course, but that is part of the point. I'm even planning on selling my Galago Ultra Pro.

Either way, like I said I promised an update. Maybe in another week I will give the Surface Laptop 3 a review.

Happy New Year and keep on coding.

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This is very interesting. Last year I left 10+ years of Mac and went back to Linux. System 76+Pop OS has been...adequate, but not without nuisances. Thanks for reminding me of the WSL. It might be time for me to put Windows back on the table as an option.


I've enjoyed it. It still has it's little issues. But its much better. And with the Surface line, the hardware is really equivalent to Mac in build quality. And I've never enjoyed a laptop keyboard as much as I am enjoying this one on the Surface Laptop.


I'll follow your thoughts it. I bought a Surface Book 2. As a Linux user for 8 years I tried to install Ubuntu 19.10 but it didn´t give support to touch screen, pen and it warmed too much. I didn´t try linux-surface (I knew about this project recently) But Windows is giving me a wonderful experience with the pen (I like drawing) and WSL is being surprising me. I only miss a WSL community, a place to people share experience about it.


Just in case: github.com/linux-surface/linux-sur... :)

(EDIT: the old repo is no longer maintained, new link posted in place)


Well i'll be here awhile, it doesn't support Surface Laptop 3 yet according to them.