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What expert iOS devs expect from WWDC21

"Dub Dub" is just around the corner, so that means that every iOS developer out there is filled with equal parts excitement about the shiny new things being announced, and dread about the many ways in which those shiny things will break their apps.

Wondering what expert iOS devs wish for, fear, and expect from this year's Apple Developer Conference? We asked:

WWDC 2021 Wishes, Fears, and Expectations

Vincent Pradeilles, iOS developer and YouTuber extraordinaire, spent the last couple of weeks talking to some great folks from the iOS community to ask them about their expectations, fears and wishes for this year's WWDC.

In a series of interviews, he spoke to Kaya Thomas, Donny Wals, Anastasiia Voitova, Antoine van der Lee, Ellen Shapiro, and Carola Nitz to hear their thoughts.

Vincent Pradeille's perspective

Kaya Thomas' perspective

Donny Wals' perspective

Anastasiia Voitova's perspective

Antoine van der Lee's perspective

Ellen Shapiro's perspective

Carola Nitz's perspective

Join the post-WWDC conversation

To see just how wrong/right everyone was, join them in a post-WWDC live discussion hosted by Bitrise:

Date: June 17th, Thursday
Time: 9 AM PDT / 6 PM CEST

Guests: Paul Hudson, Ellen Shapiro, Vincent Pradeilles, Anastasiia Voitova, Donny Wals, you

Reserve your seat here (if you're not able to make it, we'll send you the recording after the stream has ended)

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