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Life happens, it's okay. You can always continue again.

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Based off some college graduate stories I’ve come across, I decided to make this image.

I feel especially in these hard times someone is either being affected by the virus, family deaths, mental health challenges, and other things which is making it difficult to study, work, and do simple daily tasks.

Some students have taken time off, delayed their year of graduation, cut down on extracurriculars, put more time into working, etc due to personal reasons.

I hope after this pandemic we can get used to knowing education never stops, and that there’s no timeline.

Even with the amount of years went through getting that degree, you’re going to continue learning about new things throughout your whole life.

Nobody knew the mask was important til’ we were told to wear it.

Nobody knew being social distant helps save lives til’ people started getting affected 1 by 1.

There’s always going to be something new to learn about out there.

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