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Vicente Antonio G. Reyes
Vicente Antonio G. Reyes

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If getting married is forever..

Does that mean there's a wifetime guarantee?

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KiraJW • Edited

I think that marriage is forever, but it's not for everyone and no one gives guarantees. I took relationships and marriage very seriously, and now I don't know what to think, and you'll see why. My husband and I were supposed to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary next year, but I had to cancel it because my husband filed for divorce. I still can't come to my senses and I don't know the reason for this action, because I thought that everything was fine with us. And you will not believe it, but I still love him and don't know how to continue to live without him. So I found the marriage professor's blog, because I can't imagine life without my husband and I need professional help to find the strength to move on. If you are interested, you can click here . This may be useful to some of you.

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graal432 • Edited

I will agree with you. Many people think that marriage is forever. I saw cases where couples after the wedding on the second day break up. It isn't enjoyable to look at that. But, there might be some serious problems between them. And yes, anniversaries are something good. I feel sorry for you. It's terrible that your husband divorced you before your 20th anniversary. Hopefully, I'm not divorced, and my wedding was fantastic. Thanks to they did a great job out there.

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Bhupesh Varshney 👾