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5 Amazing App Ideas to kickstart your Node.js Project in 2020

An open-source server environment, Node.js uses JavaScript on the server. Node is mainly made up of JavaScript and the event loop. It is well-known to generate dynamic web page content and can make modifications in the database.

Node.js is extremely fast, lightweight and scalable because of its non-blocking I/O characteristics. That’s why it is best at handling data-heavy and, I/O heavy workloads of different types of web apps.

Following are some of the app ideas, which you can implement to kickstart your next project in 2020:

Data Streaming App

Node.js possesses a variety of use cases, one of which is a data streaming that handles streaming events and/or processing of batch data in real-time.

Node.js is the best-suited for developing data streaming web apps because of its native Stream API. It has an interface of readable and writable, which can be processed and monitored efficiently. Also, if you want to play video in the web app, Node.js is perfect because it provides data in chunks and plays efficiently even a large size video.

So if you are all set to create a streaming web app with multiple concurrent connections, then you will surely benefit from Node.js.

Complex Single-Page Applications (SPAs)

The single-page application resembles a desktop application more than a static web document, taking advantage of Node.js that adds smoothness and dynamicity to the web experience. SPAs are widely used to create social networking apps. The examples of SPAs are Gmail, Twitter, Github, etc.

Node.js is the best choice for creating complex single-page apps thanks to its streamlined handling of asynchronous calls and heavy I/O workloads aspects of such apps. As you have already aware of Node.js’s event loop as it lets to delay multiple concurrent requests from the client. It ensures smooth transitions between views and continuous data updates.

Real-time Chat apps

Node.js excels at building real-time chat applications that send and show messages to a recipient instantly without refreshing the page. The real-time chats are currently widely used in social networks, commercial sites, etc.

For cases like creating complex real-time chat apps, we recommend using Node.js as it has a powerful Event API that emits events called “listener” by event handlers.

Node.js event listner

Due to this powerful Node’s functionality, Node.js makes it easy to implement server-side events and push notifications in instant messaging and other real-time chat apps.

Real-time Collaboration Apps

The real-time collaboration apps provide a variety of software solutions like project management, co-browsing, audio & video conferencing, and collaborative editing of documents. The most popular examples of collaboration apps in real-time are Slack, Trello, and Google Docs. The asynchronous and event-based architecture of node.js is well-suited for building collaboration apps. In this type of app, many events and I/O requests occur concurrently. The WebSockets and Event API of Node.js ensure that heavy I/O operations will not hang the server. This is the foremost reason why the project management app like Trello uses the Node.js stack.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) app

Natural Language Processing refers to the application of computational techniques to the analysis and synthesis of natural language and speech. If you want to create an NLP app, then Node.js can be your go-to-language because it consists of a variety of language processing package like Node-nlp.

Apart from the above-mentioned app ideas, you can have a look at these Node.js use case and build your project accordingly. Check out this great infographic below:

Node.js use-case Infographic

Share your favorite web app idea from 2019.

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