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Beta Testing in Software Development

Alex K.
・1 min read

During beta testing, a working pre-version is released to the end-users for a specified time to give the software-under-test a trial in real working conditions, uncover expected and unexpected errors, and collect feedback.

Here are the main beta testing benefits:

  • Product validation & unbiased feedback. Beta testing is a great chance to receive real-time suggestions from users, check every aspect, including documentation, installation guides, and manuals.
  • Quality product release and cost savings. A well-planned beta testing mitigates the risk of post-release flaws and is aimed to enhance users' experience in the future.
  • Improved relationship with customers. You can "foresee" their expectations and increase loyalty offering the solution they are looking for.
  • Customer support in action. You get ready for it well in advance and can make sure that your support is working and ready to offer qualified help in case of any questions.

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