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Performance and Functional Testing using TAURUS (Blazemeter)

I am always wondering to know something new in Testing (Automation & Performance). Last few months fully concentrating on Automation, Performance and Functional Testing. Though today discusses performance and functional testing using TAURUS (Automation-friendly framework for Continuous Testing) open-source project created by BlazeMeter and great community members who are always contributing to help our technology community. Those who are using JMeter for performance and functional testing, you will happy to hear that TAURUS helps you to see the real-time performance and function testing and BlazeMeter Report.

Hides the complexity of performance and functional tests with an automation-friendly convenience wrapper. Taurus relies on JMeter, Gatling,, Grinder and Selenium WebDriver as its underlying tools. Free and open source under Apache 2.0 License.

Resource Documentation:
Github Url:
If you are using multiple testing executor. Don’t worry also TAURUS has great features.

Supporting Testing Executor:
(JMeter, Selenium, JUnit, TestNG, Apiritif, PyTest, RSpec, Mocha, WebdriverIO, NUnit, Robot, Gatling, Grinder, Locust, PBench, Siege, ApacheBenchmark, Tsung, Molotov, Postman/Newman) executor and also Existing Results Loader.
Install Process: Url:
Full details information on how to install TAURUS and also all kinds of operating system support.

jMeter Executor Download and Example:
Download Taurus Installer Software and Install.
Windows —

Windows User:
-> Run Command Prompt — cmd
-> bzt jMeter .jmx file full location like (C:\Users\jmx\testing.jmx) Example: bzt C:\Users\jmx\testing.jmx
-> run

Sample Execution Code:
INFO: Taurus CLI Tool v1.13.9
INFO: Starting with configs: [‘C:\Users\jmx\testing.jmx’]
INFO: Configuring…
INFO: Artifacts dir: C:\Users\2019–11–01_21–07–26.754978
INFO: Preparing…
INFO: Starting…
Alt Text

Also have YMAL support:

# execution:
# - scenario: simple
# scenarios:
# simple:
# script: tests/jmx/testing.jmx

(Remove hash symbol before creating .yml file.)

save file as test.yml

Windows User (yml run command):
-> Run Command Prompt
-> bzt yml file full location like (C:\Users\yml\test.yml) Example: bzt C:\Users\yml\test.yml
-> run

jMeter Taurus Configuration Details: and see as your requirement.
Automation-friendly framework for Continuous Testing by

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