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HongKee Moon
HongKee Moon

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Visualization in Jupyter

Recently, I tried to load techan.js ( in a Jupyter notebook javascript kernel. However, it failed to load since techan.js is made in commonJS format. Jupyter javascript kernel inherently uses requirejs( which support es6 based modules.

One of good PRs is which converts the current commonJS system to ES6 module system. Therefore, I cloned it and changed some codes in order to be compatible with requirejs.

The output of the above cell is the cover image.

In addition, I noted how to embed amcharts( which is quite useful for visualization in Jupyter notebook as well.

The output of the amChart cell in Jupyter:

AMChart in Jupyter

Please, enjoy the visualization in javascript inside Jupyter notebook.

Also, let me know if you need any helps to embed nice modules in Jupyter notebook.

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