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Leaving IOS for Android

I made a decision to leave IOS

I have spent the last 10 years in a love/hate relationship with Apple. I’ve given them a lot of my hard earned cash through iPhones, macs and various accessories but I’ve made the decision to leave the iPhone behind.

I really like Apple products in the way that they are designed exceptionally well and everything just works.

Recently though, I’ve not wanted to upgrade my iPhone 7 for the last 4 years because none of their latest products excite me. But also I feel like I am locked in or held prisoner by Apple. I’ve invested so heavily in their infrastructure that I can’t step outside for fear of losing out.

Little things over the years have become annoyances like the way Apple treats its customers, the way they fail to adopt standards like USB-C, or the way their stuff just doesn’t play well with other devices.

I am quite stubborn and made a similar decision over 5 years ago when I closed my Facebook account. The external pressure begging me to stay part of the club ends up pushing me away further. So, when I’ve made my decision that’s it.

I ordered a Google Pixel 4 XL yesterday and have taken the biggest tech leap in my phone ownership. I’m excited in a way that waiting for the latest Apple phone never made me.

Change is good right?

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