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Thinking about Open source


Before OSD600, I saw open-source as an interesting, yet difficult field to get in. I thought that people should have been familiar with open-source projects to be able to join as contributors. However, after working on Telescope and Medusa, I learned that even beginner can start with good first issue even if they don't have any knowledge on it. The amazing thing about open-sources community is that they can give you opportunity to work on their projects without questioning about your ability. In my eyes, open source is a source code that open for anyone to use, to share and to write. From contributor's point of view, Open source world is like a huge boot-camp where you can learn any topic you like and get practice, get feedback on your code and help resolve real-life challenges.


The advices I would love to give my-self and other new students from day 1 is that you should follow the documentation and ask the right questions. It will save you lots of time when you understand thoroughly the documentation and you know how to ask question.


I learn a lot from the OSD600 course and I am grateful for this opportunity. My point of view about blogging has also changed. Before, this is the scariest part of the course. I was terrified of writing something wrong or scared that maybe I am not good enough. However, as Prof David said from beginning:

A blog gives you a voice, which you can use when and how you want.

Now, I see blog as as a journal of my learning and working journey. It is a safe place that I can express my thoughts.

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