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Second PR for Telescope project


In the last Release 04 of the OSD600 course, I decided to work on implementing the /feeds/delayed route for the Telescope project and finishing the /feeds/invalid route. In general, there are feeds that have been flagged as delayed in the Redis server and the project owners want to see them from new endpoint in the Posts service. So, the new endpoint will return a JSON array of objects containing feeds Id, URL and the time to live of the feed.


The first part is finding the keys with the delayed suffix on the Redis server. This issue is similar to issue 2412 that I have sent a PR. I realized that I could utilize the getFeedKeysUsingScanStream in the old PR to find the delayed keys.

The second part is retrieving the information of the founded keys. The issue also requires finding the time to leave the delayed feeds. Luckily, prof. David has given detailed instructions about the time to live of delayed feeds on the issue. I will research ttl command and finish this task soon.

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