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The final result

In the last week of OSD600, all my PRs for Telescope were merged.
The summary of them is as follows:

  • 1st: Adding feeds/delayed route to Posts service: PR
  • 2nd: Upgrade Elasticsearch version in docker-compose.yml file: PR

In my last two blog posts, I discussed the issues related to the first PR and how I resolved them. For this blog, I would love to write about my experience working on the Telescope project in general and what I learned from my second PR.

Elasticsearch version

Regarding this issue, I just need to change the version number of Elasticsearch in the docker-compose.yml file and it is just a 5-min fix:

// old code
// my fix
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However, after I sent my PR, Prof. David filed an issue about a high severity vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) which has impacted the Elasticsearch versions 5.0.0+. So the solution is to upgrade to Elasticsearch 7.16.1 once it is released. This experience made me think that we should be aware and keep updated on the third-party engines/tools used in our project.


To put it simply, this is the best open source project I have contributed to. Telescope's Slack channel is always active, and when there is a question, the maintainers and contributors reply instantly. What I love most about it is code review, as I learnt a ton of good practices from Prof. David's comments.
For example:



I think Telescope's maintainers did a fantastic job in fostering engagement. They are always there to help contributors. They provide excellent and constructive feedbacks, and they value every contribution, even small ones.


This semester, I did not have a chance to work on Front-end issues. However, I am looking forward to taking some React issues in the OSD700 course.

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Sir.Nathan (Jonathan Stassen)

Code Reviews are indeed a great way to learn. :)
I like asking questions in PRs on code I don't understand.

Nice work!