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7 attribution-free illustrations for you, from Scale

hrishikesh1990 profile image hrishikesh1990 ・2 min read

Ending this year with the successful launch Scale, I'm excited to share some of the latest illustrations this week with you!

Commercial, academic or your pet project, doesn't matter, use Scale's illustrations without attribution. Here we go!

Here is an illustration on online shopping that you can use on your ecommerce platforms.

Alt Text

Going live or making a podcast? Decorate your social media announcements with this illustration.

Alt Text

Next, an illustration on exercising for you, to share your new year fitness goals with your friends.

Alt Text

Talk about your productive brainstorming sessions in remote meetings with this cool illustration.

Alt Text

This new year, remind yourself to be more mindful of the environment and make more sustainable choices.

Alt Text

Welcoming a new member to your remote team? We heard you!

Alt Text

Inviting friends over for a game night? game night? add this fun illustration to your invite!

Alt Text

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If you are unable to find an illustration on a specific topic? Do let me know in the comments below!

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