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First time contributed in open source repo

This was my first time that I contributed in any open source repository . so first, a big thanks to hacktoberfest.

Yes, And now

What I Learned From Hacktoberfest

So, from my experience, contributing in open source is a fun task.
You are making contribution in open source , so it will help many and if there is any kind of inefficiency in your code , someone can correct you.

And also you get familiar with many new stuffs.

In which I make contribution ?

As I am learning algorithms and data structures nowadays, So I contributed many algorithms and data structures in this repo.

Some of my pull request are for :

  • XOR linked list (implementation)
  • counting sort (which works for both positive and negative numbers)
  • radix sort
  • sliding window maximum problem
  • array rotation using juggling algorithm

For me, It was really a good experience of contributing my work. And I learnt lots of new things in algorithms and data structure from Hacktoberfest.

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