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Next.js + MUI v5 with TypeScript support

Since MUI v5 (Material UI) was released, I've started a new project with it. But as it's a brand new version with breaking changes, I couldn't find an example project that I'm fully satisfied with.

The one on the official MUI's Github repo featuring Next.js with TypeScript (my framework of choice) didn't follow standard Next.js folder structure, as of this writing.

So I felt inclined to create one with the most basic features that I would use myself. The result is on my Github (link below).

Here's a screenshot of the About page:
About Page

It features a standard folder structure as generated by create-next-app and the leanest usable ESLint + Prettier configs for linting/formatting.

View on Github

If you like my work, please give it a star to let me know it's useful to you :)

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