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Maintaining a company culture while working from home?

Company culture at home.

Has your company switched to remote work?
Have you made any changes to your company culture to fit in with a remote environment?
Do you find your life-work balance has shifted as a result of remote work?

I will start :D.
Our company values our work culture and has spent time supporting us whether with assistance to set up a home office or with increased social interactions 'online'.
We moved out weekly happy hour online and try to spend some time catching up with each other outside of our regular meetings.
A big one for me was encouraging everyone to have their videos on during meetings, it helps you feel like you are talking with colleagues and humans, not just talking to a computer. Even if it means you have to get more formal looking PJ's!
Being at home especially during lockdown has meant that putting in a full work day can sometimes not be so easy, especially with little kids around. Work being flexible and allowing for make up hours in the evenings is a big help.

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