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DPS911 Blog #13: One more step until the finish line

hyperthd profile image Abdulbasid Guled ・3 min read

And another late post. In my defense, I was still recovering from my covid-19 vaccine this weekend and work/ramadan got me really occupied.

Not much longer left to go for me. This upcoming week will be my final week in Seneca's open source courses. It was a crazy ride, from good, to bad, then to really, really good. It's been a hell of a journey. I'll reflect on this more in the final write up, so stay tuned for that.

This week, I worked on porting our ElasticSearch client to Satellite. That one was more of a pain in the ass than I thought it would be, mainly because it wasn't starting. Also, intellisense wasn't as strong as it was with Redis, so I had to turn to documentation alot, both for regular and the mock versions of ELS.
You can find my PR for that, here.

I also worked on updating our posts service to use Redis from Satellite, and audit the posts service to use the createError() function which once again, also came from Satellite. You can find that PR here.

I have alot more long-term issues still assigned to me, that I would love to continue working on if given the chance. I really loved working on Telescope throughout the past 4 months, and getting a chance to continue working on this would be great for myself. Most likely though, I'll end up dropping them.

There's an interesting post to update the hero banner to use quotes from former open source students about their journey in open-source. It's this issue here. I kinda wanna take this on, because I think it'll be a fun way to end my journey. Also, I wanna add a quote of my own here so yeah, we'll see where that goes.

Otherwise, the rest of my work will come in the form of audits, both in the microservices, and the backend. The parser service is not ready to be served yet, so the backend code will more than likely have to stay for the time being. I got some audits I wanna do there. Good for me, since this week is final exam week. No big issues for me.

As for what I reviewed this past week, I got some worth mentioning:

My professor, David, once again ended up bearing the bulk of PRs that I reviewed this week. Maybe I'm trying too hard for those brownie points and marks. :D

Next time, self-reflection. I did open-source for 8 months now. My final blog post of the semester will probably be one of my longest ones yet. The past, the present, and the future all in one. Be prepared for a long read. In the meantime, this video is basically how I'm feeling right now approaching this final week.

PS: I got my covid-19 moderna vaccine on Thursday, so I now got a bit of protection against this deadly virus. I really want this lockdown to go away so that I can enjoy life again. I've been cooped up in this home for way too long.

PS PS: My professor's good friend, Chris Tyler, recently put up a job posting for CDOT researchers. Being in my 6th semester of BSD, and needing a coop job for the summer, I applied straight up. David, I know you're going to be reading this. Please give me a great reference, this CDOT job would be an absolute dream for me to continue doing open-source work and gain even more valuable work experience in software development.

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