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re: Thanks for the reply @ben . I am very hyper-aware, so it sounds like a BIG adjustment would need to be made.

Yeah I don't really feel like a "New Yorker" yet, and personally feel comfortable with that 😄, I walk pretty slow, don't rush to things, try to just look around and maybe act like a tourist. I think @ben makes a point in that NYC has many parts to it (I didn't even understand any of the boroughs before. Definitely can give off an impression of being fast-paced, with everyone "doing" something and always having plans, but I try to keep myself open and not plan too methodically. Maybe I haven't put too much emphasis on the location I'm in? I think finding a consistent, welcoming community is super important to me especially in a big city/new place so that's the first thing I had looked into after moving. As much as the culture/pace is moving all of us, it's important to think about what keeps us going forward, and for me patience is a big part of "doing" as counter-intuitive as it can feel.

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