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Learn JavaScript - Become a Zero to Hero

Become a Zero to Hero in JavaScript. Step by Step instruction & Multiple examples for better Understanding

If you are new to JavaScript or Want to explore your existing JavaScript knowledge, you are in the right place to move ahead.

Complete JavaScript Tutorial with Step by Step instruction and detailed examples. You can find that in my video I have used real-world example and tried to explain every chapter with multiple examples.

To become a successful developer, only watching will not make you master, you have to do the practice of each section from your side and move to the next chapter with your practice. If you do practice same time after complete the lecture, it'll easy for you to move ahead and helps to make you maser in JavaScript.

What you’ll learn

  • How to Write JavaScript.
  • How to Declare JavaScript Variables.
  • JavaScript Operators
  • Data Types of JavaScript
  • Working with Date
  • How to Create and use Functions
  • Array and different methods of Array
  • If / else if Conditions
  • Javascript Object
  • Events like onClick, OnBlur, onMouseOver, onMouseOut, etc
  • Loops like For Loop, While, Do While
  • Switch Statements
  • Working with DOM (Document Object Model)
  • Simple to Complex example to each section

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