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My YouTube Subscriptions

A run down (in no particular order) of all my Web Technology based YouTube subscriptions and why I follow them

Hopefully, you will find something new to enjoy.

Kevin Powell

Kevin's channel is my go-to resource for CSS, if it is in the CSS spec there is a good chance that Kevin has a video on.

Traversy Media

Brad Traversy's very popular channel covers everything from Docker courses to beginner HTML courses. His content is very good and I will often use this channel to grasp the basics of a technology before digging in further.


The Fireship channel covers a variety of languages/frameworks and platforms but I mainly use it for its Firebase related content which I find very good

Adam The Dev

I started following Adam after seeing a recommendation for his course on recreating the Spotify UI in ReactJS.

Techsith Tutorials

Techsith has a great way of explaining in simple terms how complex concepts and technologies work.

Charlie Gerard

Charlie creates cool "stuff" using technologies that normally go way over my head. Very entertaining!

Design Course

Garys Design Course channel is a great resource for UI and UX design and inspiration, which is something I struggle with. He makes it look so simple at times!

Ken Wheeler

One of my latest subscriptions is to Ken's channel where he is currently running a Canvas in 5 minutes course, great fun and not too serious.

Clément Mihailescu

Clément is an ex-google employee who previously interviewed potential employees. I enjoy his mock interviews and is a good insight into what interviewing at companies like Google, Facebook, etc. would be like.


A bit different from the others, Hotpot produces short documentaries based around web tech. Great if you just want to chill out for a bit.

Ben Awad

The videos I enjoy most and why I visit Ben's channel are for the videos where he gives his opinion on a new framework or library.

Jason Lenhstorf

Jason hosts a regular show called Learn With Jason where he will walk through creating something from scratch with a new web framework/library etc. with an expert guest. Entertaining and a good way to discover new tech.

Adam Wathan

Adam is the creator of TailwindCSS and it is for this that I visit his channel the most. I particularly enjoy the videos where he will recreate a popular website using Tailwind.


A new channel so a new subscription the Cybercountess creates amazing content with CSS. Looking forward to this channel progressing.

Paul Lewis

Pauls videos typically revolve around performance and using native features. Light-hearted and enjoyable.

Steve Schoger

Steve is a bit of design God! So I will always check out his latest content

Fun Fun Function

Initially subscribed for his videos on Functional JavaScript but the channel has grown a lot since then and Mattias is a great host.

Go Make Things

Not a massive amount of content but some great videos on building apps with just vanilla JavaScript

Mozilla Developer

Mozilla Developer Network is the greatest resource out there for learning web-based technologies so it only right I also follow there YouTube channel

CSS Coder

The CSS Coder is prolific and I visit his channel often for ideas and inspiration, personally I mute most of the videos as I find the music distracting.

The Coding Train

The Coding Train is mainly based around P5.js which is a library for creating graphic and interactive experiences. Its, not something I use much but I still enjoy watching the videos as the presenter is brilliant and he creates some pretty cool stuff.

Meth Meth Method

Original subscribed for the course on building Mario in JavaScript (which I never did) and have been watching ever since.

Layout Land

One of my favorite channels on YouTube and can't wait for the next season. If you are looking to learn more about CSS and especially Grid and Flexbox then I highly recommend checking it out.

Ania Kubów

Another channel that enticed me in with gaming. Ania uses Games (Tetris, Space Invader, etc) as the basis of teaching JavaScript

That all I have at the moment. I Would love to hear your recommendations.

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Rajesh Budhathoki

I subscribed them. It's good effort. Thanks!