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re: Sounds great, thanks for clarification. Regarding persistence: You might be interested in tech like, I think it's called cosmicjs, a kinda headles...

Yeah, my initial complaint was the "halt the site comes to" when it loads because it uses a single-threaded setup. Then it was just kind of a pain to have to change gears between php, html, css, and js all the time. Setting things up initially and then just using Sass and JS makes things much more enjoyable to me.

I've spent time looking at headless CMSs(?) but surprisingly haven't come across CosmicJS. I'll give that a look. So far I like NetlifyCMS, and I've played around with Wordpress, Cockpit, Directus, Strapi, and a few others.

I think it's relatively new too.
You mentioned Strapi, maybe sanity.io/?
Look promising, but never tried it personally.

I wanted to get started(properly) with something based on firebase.

Part of the challenge is finding one of these that will work well for clients. If I need to update something, none of these would be a problem. I feel that the layout and maybe some of the terminology could be problematic for a client who isn't super tech-savvy. That is one big benefit to Wordpress is predefined fields. On my to-do list is trying Wordpress as a headless CMS using the rest api they offer.

Just remembered I had something else contentful.com/.
I'll leave it to you to figure them out, it's a little too much for me :p

I've looked at it but haven't played around with it yet. Mostly I'm just looking for non-techie CMS which allows me to build a front-end using javascript using an api. I mean, I guess either I'll find one I like or I'll just build it eventually lol.

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