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Aligning Technology to Cater Business Needs

Learning technology like React is itself a big job. After you have worked with some of the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you take up this framework and start creating a project. With some interview experience, you also get into a good company. Then, the real problem begins.

Working on a self-made project to deliver a small solution helps us grab the required skills, but when we get into a company, generally the product is developed and we are expected to make minor changes to the product, add new features, solve defects raised by the customer. 😃😃

In the above scenario, where a mountain of code is pushed onto you and you are expected to provide output, chances are you can become a bit scared. This article helps you to provide practical solutions to deal with such situations easily. 😎

Whenever a task is assigned to you in a technical company there is always a deadline associated with it. by focusing on the deadline, try to reverse engineer how you can arrive at the solution and try to find the shortest way to do so. Generally, when assigned to a new project the first task is given such that you are always coding with someone. This is done to promote pair programming that helps in easy grasp of concept by the new joiner. 👫💻

Even if you are expected to work alone, there is going to be a KT, Knowledge Transfer sessions. In the KT sessions, they will give you a brief introduction to how the system or the application works. Anyone needs to be attentive in such sessions, as these are going to put the foundation for the work that you are going to deliver. I also suggest recording these sessions for future reference. ⏺

Once you are equipped with the knowledge about the product and the feature that you will be working on, stick to the feature that you need to implement. Then understand the code for the particular part where the change needs to be done. Start debugging the part for better understanding, use console.log(), and use the debugger to understand the flow. 👨‍💻

When you understand the customer's requirements and the code's functionality. You can now use your coding skills to convert business logic into code and implement it in the right place. 🌞🌻

Thanks for reading the post. In case you want to add something, give feedback, praise you are always welcome in the comment section. 😊

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