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Working on real-world projects

Real-world projects are something that helps in solving real-life problems using technology. As a front-end developer, I need to have a grab on my the technologies that I am working on like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and one of its framework like React.

When we work in a company there are some requirements and we are expected to deliver based on their requirements. They might want us to add a new feature to the existing code or solve any defect or want us to work on an app from scratch.

To perform well and deliver in time it requires one to know the basics of the technologies that are required to produce the required result. We need to first learn the basics and then we need to practice on the basics so that we can cement the skills that are required from us and we perform well when we are expected to do a task.

When we know a skill, it not just let us to be job-ready but also imbibe us with power so that we can build our systems for solving society's problems. Considering the financial cost and the return on investment is 100 folds when we are working with the software.

I have been following the Colt Steele Course, The Web Developer Bootcamp. There I have completed the HTML and CSS sections. I have read the basics of web development earlier as well while I took up the task to study from freecodecamp. I did not have enough practice on the real-life project that lead to me forgetting the concepts. I am more focused now and I have had a previous experience which is helping me to have a grab on the subjects and I am moving fast.

I sometimes face motivation issues that I counter by showing up daily and studying regularly and be in a network of developers in the Dev Community, Twitter, LinkedIn. I work on this plan and try to show up daily.

I want to be a great web developer and I am giving my best. That is all that matters to me. Thanks for reading, if you have any suggestions for me please comment below.

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