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Getting Started with AI on AZURE!

This is the best time to upskill yourself, learn something new. That is why we have a series of 4 webinars - All dedicated to helping you to learn AI from experts.

This rising situation of COVID-19 has affected a lot of conferences or events for communities, where all the offline activities are on halt. But to ensure that developers are engaged and to upskill their knowledge, we are back with a series of online meetups.

What’s in the menu now?

AI, in today’s era, offers a huge number of possibilities for businesses, with organizations already using machine learning to streamline the operations which helps the industries to boost their profits. One of the great benefits of infusing anything with AI and Machine Learning is that it will constantly enhance itself and will be more accurate with every result.

You must be wondering, what this dish is all about?

A series of 4 Webinars are planned to share & upskill knowledge on Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Azure. Even if you are a beginner without any prior knowledge related to AI, do not worry; we have got your back. We will be starting the series from basics of AI on Azure and will end with How to Deploy AI on Azure along with tons of Developer Content to upskill your knowledge.

The following topics are to be covered in the AI on Azure Webinar Series:

  • Kickstart with AI on Azure.
  • Getting Hands-on with the Azure Cognitive Services.
  • Conversation AI – building chatbots using the Bot Framework.
  • Building Custom ML Model using Azure ML Studio.

For our first webinar, we have a speaker introducing you to the basics of AI on Azure by showing some use cases and demos. In order to upskill the knowledge of hackathons and how to build a product in a limited time frame, we will also discuss a Use-case built by one of the winning teams from our Hackathons, where they will talk about their experience with AI on Azure while building their product.

Here's why you shouldn't miss this opportunity and grab it!

Microsoft offers a wide array of cognitive and machine learning services that you can integrate with your websites, apps and bots. This first webinar under the umbrella of AI on Azure Series will help you understand how you can use Azure Services to leverage AI. Post this session, you will be able to jot down a path to kick start your cloud-based AI journey.

Azure empowers you with the most advanced machine learning capabilities. With decades of breakthrough research, Microsoft Azure AI was the first to achieve human parity in Vision, Speech & Language.

This is the right time for you to upskill yourself and exploit all the content available. With all these opportunities your way, let’s make it count and fight COVID-19 together by learning and growing together

👉Join us to learn more on and Kickstart with AI on Azure👈

Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs, post our first Webinar and also be a part of the fastest-growing developer community across India - Devengers.

Who are Devengers?
A community of professional developers across India with 9000+ developers contributing towards the community from the past 6 months, it has been an amazing learning experience for the members of the community.

We have nurtured the developers through our 12-hour hackathons a.k.a HackNights & Developers Meetups across the nation. We have successfully organized 7 HackNights & 21 meetups in 9 cities and are looking forward to touching the lives of more developers in the coming months.

Here are a few learning resources which would help you to learn more about AI on Azure📚:

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