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Learn more about your candidates with video take-home challenges

After years of testing developer experience, today I'm turning the tables and letting you test your developer candidates!

Paircast dashboard is the platform we built for testing DX and it turns out it's mighty good at assessing developers' skills.

You can see how developers solve problems and where they get stuck as they complete coding challenges on their own machine. You get all the quality of a technical interview with the convenience of a take-home assignment. No engineers needed to conduct technical interviews.

👉 Learn more by watching how developers solve problems, not just end results.
👉 Real-world work, not brain teasers
👉 No more cheating on take-homes, you can see developers write every line
👉 Get a higher signal with less time invested by your candidates

Personally, I'm super excited to launch Paircast into the world as I'd never pass an online coding challenge myself. After hearing a bunch of MLH Fellowship students complain about these coding tests, I knew there had to be a better way. Let's burn "crack the coding interview" and focus on real-world skills!

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