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Scratch the edge using WebFlux (Part 1)

Part 1 (create a simple service using WebFlux)
In this story, we look at the first layer and start it right now. so go to Spring Initializer and create a project with the following config:

  • Choose Gradle
  • Choose lovely Kotlin
  • Java 11 You could choose anything you want, these were my favorites and youโ€™ll see the codes base on them. And the following dependencies:
  • Spring Reactive Web (Build reactive web applications with Spring WebFlux and Netty)
  • Spring for Apache Kafka (Publish, subscribe, store, and process streams of records)
  • Spring Security (Highly customizable authentication) These are enough so far, generate and extract then open the extracted folder with your favorite IDE (I proudly using Intellij Idea, and itโ€™s my suggestion for you), let it to resolve your dependencies and indexes your project and libraries.

If you are interested, you can find complete story on Medium:

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