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Ibrahim Imran
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Why does wix offer free websites (Professional response)

Hi I'm Ibrahim From TGD Dev
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I've seen many people being afraid of this.

Here's my response

You see every web provider like wix has a domain name system.
Domain name systems find the website becuase you see websites need IP addresses like That will be translated using that system so if you go it will actually go to the IP. If you out the IP you will still be on GitHub

In conclusion That's how a website works but that's not the question.

Why does wix offer it free?
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Here's the breakdown reason is You DONT get a domain you get a Sub-Domain Like if you called your website EverYalOn it would come out as

Here's how it works A Bot is requested to create U a domain basically creating an IP see wix is owned by Google Google has enough money to buy these bots.

And So Google will make it.

The bot will then use your text EverYalOn and rename it too

But it's not professional For it to be professional it needs stuff like Google analytics, Cookies, Terms of use, Etc,,

Wix won't provide this by doing so they will trick you into purchasing their subscription

How Google does this is easy they buy bots bots do the work for them They earn from you! By buying a subscription

Subscriptions Are one the best ways to earn money online.

I hope this helps you not to be afraid of wix.

Sincerely Ibrahim From TGD Dev.

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