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.NET MAUI Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are a fantastic initiative promoted by the tech community, in which, during December, experts share their knowledge through contributions of a specific technology in different formats:

  • blog posts
  • videos
  • webinars
  • etc.

Due to the great interest and success that advent calendars have had in the past (2020 and 2019), this year we (Microsoft MVPs Héctor Pérez and Luis Beltrán proudly present the first edition of the .NET MAUI Advent Calendar in English.

We know that communities are full of talented developers. Let's promote this idea that has the sole purpose of creating a collaborative space in which we all benefit, from expert, professionals to students, avid seekers of knowledge.

Are you in? Would you like to share your knowledge with the community? If you are interested in participating in this initiative, just follow these simple steps:

In November:

  1. Reserve a slot by replying to our tweet with the hashtag #dotNETMAUIAdvent, or by leaving a comment on this post.

  2. When reserving a slot, choose an available date from the calendar (see below). We might open new dates if there is a high response from the community :)

  3. Important: Please send us the title of your contribution during the last week of November at the latest.

In December, on the chosen date:

  1. Publish your contribution. If you use a platform like WordPress / YouTube, you can schedule it in advance so that it is published on the desired date / time. We will share your contribution on social networks (Twitter and our Facebook communities).

  2. In your contribution, add a link to this page, so that visitors can see the complete set of contributions and learn more about the calendar initiative.

  3. Share the link to us to update the table with your contribution.

You can also share your contribution using the hashtags #dotNETMAUI and #dotNETMAUIAdvent.

These are the contributions to the first .NET MAUI 2022 Advent Calendar in English:

If you need inspiration for your contribution, here are some ideas:

  • UI/UX challenges in .NET MAUI
  • Useful Nuget packages for development with .NET MAUI
  • .NET MAUI developer tips
  • What's new in .NET MAUI?
  • Less-known but amazing features in .NET MAUI
  • Integration of .NET MAUI with other platforms

All contributions related to .NET MAUI are welcome, even if you have been developing with this technology for a short time, for sure you have some tips or experience to share.

In case you don't have any platform where to publish your content, there are several free alternatives such as, GitHub pages,, medium and many more.

Thanks in advance to those who wish to contribute to this initiative. We hope that you enjoy and learn a lot!

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Matt Eland

I love this! As a frequent participant in .NET related advent things, this is fantastic. While MAUI isn't my strong suit, I'd love to see this bloom for others in the community and will look to promote it on Twitter if you're advertising it there.

icebeam7 profile image
Luis Beltran

Thanks @integerman for your comment, it's highly appreciated. We aim to promote community contributions hoping that this is useful for everyone learning about .NET MAUI :) Yes, I have updated the post with the tweet link (available here as well). Thank you for promoting this initiative :)