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Recovers passwords from pixelized screenshots

Depix is a tool for recovering passwords from pixelized screenshots.

This implementation works on pixelized images that were created with a linear box filter.


  • Cut out the pixelated blocks from the screenshot as a single rectangle.
  • Paste a De Bruijn sequence with expected characters in an editor with the same font settings (text size, font, color, hsl).
  • Make a screenshot of the sequence. If possible, use the same screenshot tool that was used to create the pixelized image.
  • Run pythonpython -p [pixelated rectangle image] -s [search sequence image] -o output.png


  • The algorithm uses the fact that the linear box filter processes every block separately. For every block it pixelizes all blocks in the search image to check for direct matches.
  • For most pixelized images Depix manages to find single-match results. It assumes these are correct. The matches of surrounding multi-match blocks are then compared to be geometrically at the same distance as in the pixelized image. * Matches are also treated as correct. This process is repeated a couple of times.
  • After correct blocks have no more geometrical matches, it will output all correct blocks directly. For multi-match blocks, it outputs the average of all matches.

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