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Idris Rampurawala
Idris Rampurawala

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Interviewing without Resume? Give it a thought

It's been a week now interviewing candidates without me taking a look into their resumes. Been a good experience so far, not judging a candidate by their resume but rather having a direct conversation with them. Do you think this style will help one choose a right candidate?

P.S. We do look into resume to shortlist for face to face discussion though.

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Carson Sturtevant

Very interesting. What got you going on this idea?

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Idris Rampurawala • Edited

Frankly, this has been going on my mind since a while. I believe that what we think of a candidate by reading their resume turns out to be only 20-30% correct, especially in tech roles.

Interviews are basically to understand what experiences and passion a candidate has got which would help to fill in the position for a greater good. Things go ugly when we start asking questions by the judgement of their resume.

By practicing this idea, I go in a fresh to the interview and ask the right questions and try to understand more about the candidate. This help me take my decision efficiently.